Starting at 9:45 am from the Rotunda of the Illustrious Jalisco and returning to the same starting place around 6:30 pm, you will travel comfortably in a Sprinter van, with a small group of 18 passengers, which will allow you to enjoy a more personal experience.

The Tequila Tour has a cost of $ 400.00 MXN for adults and $ 300.00 MXN for children from 5 to 12 years old.

9:45 › DEPARTURE (Rotunda of the Illustrious Jalisciences)
1 Hr Approx Time.

Distillery Don Valente

It started its operations in January 1998, since then it has been dedicated to the elaboration of tequila with blue agave 'Tequilana Weber' according to the traditional process that has been transmitted from generation to generation for more than 300 years.

Today they are members of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry and members of the Tequila Regulatory Council as well as proud winners of different national and international medals.

In this visit, you can marvel at the process of making traditional Tequila. You will know the way in which the ancient settlers elaborated this delicious drink.

You will enjoy the tasting of three types of tequilas (White Tequila, Restful Tequila and Old Tequila 'Añejo' ) and, in addition, you will delight your palate by tasting some homemade liqueurs from the house. (Coffee, Almond, Quince, Lime, Cream of Tequila, Etc).

* * Subject to availability.

1 Hr Approx Time.

Distillery 3 Toños

Starting their tradition since 1942, in this visit you will learn about the process for making tequila on a larger scale, using modern technology and machinery.

You can taste up to 12 types of tequila and 4 different liquors. *

* * Subject to availability.

2 hr Approx Time.

Town of Tequila.

Its name comes from the Nahuatl voice 'Tecuilan' which means 'place of tributes'. Tequila jealously guards some of its oldest traditions, such as the typical blessing of nine o'clock at night, when the priest of the place blesses the inhabitants by ringing the bells on three occasions. The town stops at that moment, the locals stand up and direct their gaze towards the church.

The crafts produced in the municipality refer to the agave and the production of tequila. Mud objects are also made.

You will have the opportunity to know this beautiful magical town, full of traditions and a beautiful culture. Enjoy its delicious cuisine. You can take a walk through its beautiful streets and squares and learn more about its culture and tradition.

Among the most typical dishes of the region we can mention the birria, the pozole, meat in its juice and the enchiladas; always accompanied by tequila and mezcal. And for dessert do not forget to try a delicious Jericalla.

Return to Guadalajara around 18:00 hrs, 18:30 hrs